Lenny Kravitz – I’ll be waiting.

I Love I Love I Love.


15 responses to “Lenny Kravitz – I’ll be waiting.

  1. Lovely song! Lyrics sound like they belong to a Boyzone song though! LOL.. No? Ok, no..

  2. LB,
    REALLY?? Boyzone?? aww, don’t go breakin my heart like that LB… lol

  3. i think my browser got problem.. i can’t seem to be able to see alotta videos the past few days.. đŸ˜Ļ

    but i youtubed it 😛

    yalor, Boyzone?? -_-

  4. Angeles,
    cookie problem maybe? 🙂

    heheh, the lyrics kot. but I lurrve the guitar with Lenny Kravitz’s voice… hou lumm ah…

  5. as long as im dreaminnn…i’ll be waitinn!

    😛 i guess i won’t know how to appreciate music

  6. Mr. Goober,
    thought you’re into classical stuff? 😛

  7. u waiting for ah partt/8 isit ah chat???

    kambing soon…

  8. Oldman,
    sampattt… lol

    coming soon?? how you know??

  9. u forgot i got 6 sexnce… 😛

  10. Oldman,

  11. Lenny Kravitz rocks!


  12. Kyels,

  13. yeee.. quite nice le…

  14. Wait har while I load the song…

    Ur chewygurl nick always reminds me of chewing gum! LOLOLLLL!!!

  15. Keeyit,
    very lumm horr…

    nice mou?

    chewygurl chewing gum… yeah, the inside joke. 😛

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