Comfort food.

That day I wasn’t feeling emotionally well. My Ultra(wo)man signal was beeping low and I desperately need an instant cheer-me-up. A craving. Something soothing, warm and filling.

That’s when it hits me. It’s been a while since I had them.

So right after work, instead of heading home as I usually would, I turned to the nearest fast food outlet, walked under the drizzle and got myself a ‘pair’ of this…


KFC old time favourites! Mashed potato and coleslaw. Regular ones will keep you warm and ‘filled’ just nice. I don’t know if it’s a psychological thing or what but it works every time hehe.


There can be many imaginative ways of having your coleslaw and mashed potato. You can eat it on its own (sounds like Gardenia bread’s slogan), slather some on the chickens maybe? *XD* Or the usual traditional way of serving with a soft fluffy bun that comes with it in set menus (as we all know). But I liked mine in spoonfuls of cooling coleslaw dipped with mashed potato and gravy. Yuuuumm!!

So what’s your comfort food? 😉


13 responses to “Comfort food.

  1. hmmm… unique comfort food u hv.. 😛

    mine would be… mmm… i dun hv woh.. weird… *thinks*


    really weird…

    happy weekend! XXOO

  2. Looking at your tagline, I supposed your comfort drink must be coffee. 😛

  3. Well, at least your comfort food is readily available in KL. Mine’s a little hard to find sometimes … it’s durian. 😛

  4. what?? kfc without chicken????

    *scratches* pod

  5. LaSh showed me his way of eating gravy and since then I adopted that way too. Lol

    Whenever we have kfc we also order fries and a small mash n gravy. Then we dip the fry in the hot mash n gravy and here you gooo.. * open wide mouth* 😛

  6. *rubs eyes*

    *closes eyes*

    *opens eyes again*

    *rub eyes*

    Wah, did I see wrongly? FOOD PICS in your blog!? LOL~ hei hak! Hahaha…

    Eh I’m addicted to Oreo McFlurry these days. OMG so fattening! -_-”

    I love mashed potatoes with lots and lots of gravy.

  7. Mine is McDonald’s Spicy Beef Foldover with french fries (chilli cheese fries much better) and the Coke. Missed the spicy nuggets too.

    It’s so rare for me to take junk or fast food nowadays so whenever I have cravings, mostly it’s the crave for not-so-healthy-food. 🙂

  8. I dunno what is my comfort food woh..
    so cham huh? 😛

    Talking abt KFC, I prefer the mashed potato and the cheesy wedge potato than the KFC too 🙂

  9. I like KFC too and I eat my coleslaw and mashed potato the same way you do.


  10. i lup their mashed potato, coleslaw and cheesy wedges! hmmm yum yum yum

  11. omg, I forgot you moved blogs!!! I didn’t get your new RSS feeds either! Please, please, forgive me!!!!!!!!!

  12. Angeles,
    would it be… chilli crabs? dark choc? durian?? 😛

    happy weekend hugs for you!

    nice catch there Jem! 😀

    can always substitute it with umm… dodol or durian flavored ice cream maybe? 😉

    what??? yes!!

    *scratch some more*

    hehe.. so now you and LaSh have it that way too eh?

    ngaaap…. *bites*

    nice! 😛

    stop rubbing! you’re getting double-eyelidded! lol

    Oreo McFlurry is oh-so-gooooood… nothing wrong with self-indulgence once in a while eh 😉

  13. Yanczy,
    mmmm… too bad I can’t take beef. chilli cheese fries? spicy nuggets?? they have it??

    well, McD is strongly promoting themselves as healthy heheh so we can have it without guilt 😛

    perhaps you have too much to choose from? hehe

    oh yeah! cheesy wedges!! I love!

    high the five Kyels! 😀

    me lup lup too!! man, all you guys mention about food and stuff has got my stomach growling for supperrr 😛

    my LB dear, all forgiven. my fault too for not reminding readers to change their feeds. please, forgive me too? 😐

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