Facebook anthem 2008.

Downright cheesy. Featuring Billy Joel’s We didn’t start the fire (if I’m not wrong).

Seriously though guys, anyone sick of them yet? 😛

(addendum April 11th)
them = facebook. Not the song:-)

PS: Thanks for the heads up El! Must’ve ‘spider’ out the signs of depression in me eh? Lol.


14 responses to “Facebook anthem 2008.

  1. chup!!

    kenot watch la 😛

  2. Angeles,
    kenot? how come de?

    eh, and how come you got two avatars geh?

  3. if the song is good then i wont get sick of it….but will get sick of it after listening for 1000++ times XD

  4. EliteVillain,
    nooo… boy, its not about the song 😛

  5. Reminds me of those IDOL-SEARCH-SHOWS. It gives me music/song/karaoke phobia. Ain’t gonna click PLAY… scared…

  6. Nefesco,
    coward. blek!

  7. LOLLLL!!!!

    This is so funny 😛

    Btw even I am not as addicted as I was to facebook now!

  8. Angele,
    ah, there. great minds and same birthdays do think alike Angele 😉 hehehe

    I was once an FB addict, but now I only do Scrabbling. when I looked at the amount of spam apps (and counting) I could faint!!

  9. You know, I have the tendency to loop songs over and over again if they’re nice! My friends think that I’m sick.


  10. Kyels,
    that makes the two of us! but after a while I get sick of the song myself and move on to the next hahah, though on rare occasion certain songs stayed on the loop. that’s my all-time favs 😉

  11. haha.. so farnies 😛

    i hv 300+ requests which are still sitting there.. including many of yours! haha 😛 slow slow.. i take my time 😛

    ahh yes.. u realised i hv 2 avatars, eh? well the one on the sidebar is the gravatar for my wordpress account haha.. my ‘backup’ blog la.. kiasu ma 😛

  12. Not sick of facebook yet, since i use it to communicate with my friends and colleagues. We used the composing message tool with multiple recipients, just like using group conversation but we can talk at any time we want 🙂

  13. I miss you so much,…. *sigh*

  14. Chen,
    that was cool!! doctors chat via facebook at work!! 8)

    aww LB, don’t feel so bad, I miss you too!! 😀

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