The eye(lids)

This morning I woke up with a double eyelid on my left eye. Surprise!! Just the left. Happens when I’ve not enough sleep, or when I had too much for a drink the other night.

Those who knew/met me out of blogosphere would know that I have single eyelids all my life. A single eyelidded Asian girl I am. Today I’m a half. So you can imagine how ‘uneven’ I looked in the upper eye.

I remembered about this Harpo programme I’ve watched long time ago on a killing-me-boring sunny afternoon, Opera… sorry Oprah I mean, and another Asian lady I-don’t-know-who (could be an author of a featured book in Oprah book club) were in the middle of some animated discussion about this beauty obsession that Asian women had with having double eyelids, to the extent that they would willing to go for… *went for a quick google* ah, blepharoplasty.

Yes, that’s right. Cosmetic eyelid surgery in layman’s term. Apparently they are different types of eyelid surgery too. Common ones are upper eyelid among Asians and this is no new news.

Want to know how it’s done? Got it here through a blogger’s link here who has written quite thoroughly on the subject.

Back to Opera.. sorry! Oprah. So Oprah was asking this lady, so what’s going on? What’s with all this obsession among Asian women on having double eyelids (and stuff)? *flapping arms around* Tell us.

And the lady brings the whole world watching and scooped us all back to her childhood yesteryears where her cousins use to come to her place on a family visit and she noticed how pretty they were and realized it’s because they have double eyelids and so she wants the same thing too for herself because she has single eyelids and she tried tapes, stuff… phew, what a wordful.

The point is, everyone in general thinks that double eyelids are beautiful. Especially to some of us Asians who are naturally born with single eyelids. Some say it’s a Westernized thing, some say it’s a supposedly natural thing to have, especially if you’re the only one having single eyelids in the family. The black sheep you.

But you know what, when I did a quick google run on the topic, reading what people are talking about this, I noticed something that points out how right that lady were when she told Oprah about what she thinks. Celebrity influence and peer pressure are among the reasons that people go crazy (what an uttah nonsense!) about having double eyelids, but here’s what I don’t understand… family is also included in the picture.

So what’s going on? What’s with all this BS; moms/aunts who picked pressured on single-eyelidded ones in the family to have double eyelids? That they’ll be more pretty (or normal) if a ‘slit’ is added to the upper eye? I like mine just fine. Mom? Well she did sort of lamented once or twice about me and LD not taking after her (double-eyelidded) but why? Why double is always the winner?

Tell me.


20 responses to “The eye(lids)

  1. I was born with natural double eye-lids.
    That doesn’t make me any better than others who are single eye-lid.
    After all, everything/everyone is beautiful.
    Just that,, not everyone can see it.

    Btw, when I read the title of your post.. I was like thinking “oh-uh! don’t tell me _butt is saying that she has put on so much weight that she now has double eye-lids. 😆

    Happy weekend, my friend. 🙂

  2. Jemima,
    oh no Jem! don’t scare me on the weight part!

    happy weekend the same 😉

  3. simple math oso duno mer!!!

    2 wins 1 mar as the number bigger…LOL

    anyhow i got triple eyelids worr…

  4. I never believed for one moment that single or double eyelids singly makes a person beautiful or not, it’s the whole package – the looks, the character, the way they relate to other people.

    I mean, gimme single eyelids any day over a nasty character.

  5. i have natural double eye-lids but that doesnt mean i am no asian ler…

    if u really want… just dont sleep… maybe you will have on both eyes! lol…

  6. Hahahah!!! I also have double eyelids sometimes when I don’t get enough sleep! And lately I haven’t slept much so that in the morning not only do I have panda eyes but I also have double eyelids! What a combination! -__-

    I know some people who are really obsessed with the double eyelids thing but personally my eyelids have never bothered me. Sometimes I wish I had double eyelids when applying eye shadows but else no big deal. No way I go into surgery for that! 😮

    p.s: A big lol at Jem’s comment 😛

  7. reading btwn the lines… i gather u dun like harpo??? oops.. opera.. OOPS! 😛

    hey, sandy lam has single eyelids and ppl are CRAZY for her! 😉

  8. Single or double, got eyelid oledi hapi liao ler otherwise will look like snake – no eyelid lagi worse. 😛

  9. How come I not enough sleep no double eyelids, only got eyebags or panda eyes? LOL.

    I used to admire people with double eyelids but I grew outta it already. Hehe.

  10. I think if it’s single or double eye lidded it does not really matter. What matters most is how wonderful your personality is to others. Of course looks may appeal, all the time but we all define beauty in our context, no?


  11. Oldman,
    LOL! you thought play poker ah?

    triple eyelids?? 0_0 TIPU ler…

    very true Moz bro. nasty character is the worst of all

    for the price of vanity? not up for it ler

    panda eyes and double eyelids! pretty sure it doesn’t feel comfortable with all that pressure in your eyes. gotta try to get some beauty sleep this weekend ya 😉

    aik, how come Angele’s comment and yours always come together-gether geh? 😛

    haha, I liked Harpo, really. really!!

    yeah! Sandy Lam was my idol last time kekeke…

    Kopi Soh,
    nice to see you around again! 😀

    totally agree. snakes got no eyelash sumore. kesian kan?

    hmm… maybe can try Zewt’s advice lo, try not to sleep for few days and see… then you let me know la whether work or not? 😛

    PS: results not guaranteed.

    yes! and it’s the whole package that counts yeah? 😉

  12. I born with inner double eye lidded. Hmm a friend of mine introduce me a glue that can make my eyes to become double lid eyes.. but i m lazy to do it everyday !

  13. Keeyit,
    you know wut, mine is actually similar to yours, but I’m happy to call myself single eye-lidded anyway since you can’t see the crease 😛

    yeah, double or no double, at least we have eyes right? 😛

  14. Jie, it doesn’t work for me. I didn’t sleep for a few nights, remember? Still single eyelid. Sad. 😦

  15. I’ve DOUBLE… maybe that’s the reason i find it hard to sleep at nite 😛

  16. Day-dreamer,
    few nights not enough. gotta give a few MORE nights maybe? 😛

    ya, ‘bats’ dont sleep at nite anyway wut 😛

  17. i have both single eyelid and double eyelid..
    one eye is single eyelid and the other eye is double eyelid 😛

  18. Chen,
    eh really?? didn’t notice that before (of course la, met once only ma hehe) leh… Ah Nel said he’s triple eyelidded! you think he bluff us ar? 😛

  19. I am born double eyelided
    Maybe thats because my dad is european.
    Also I have natrual light brown hair
    I inherited my japanese mums height!!
    I’m 4ft 11!!
    and size 3

  20. Ching-lee,
    Hello and welcome! thanks for dropping by 🙂

    if both your parents happen to be Asians and have double eyelids, chances are you get double eyelids as well. 🙂

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