Alarm rang. Snooze button. Hug phone. ZzzZzzzz. 7 minutes. Alarm rings 3rd time… wakeuppplazypigggrfgdshfsghdsf drag myself up, wash up, prepare cereal drink (yesthat’sallIhaveforbreakfast), fix messy hair, 15 minutes passed gahh… screw it. Got dressed, struggle to fit into pants, pheww, done, off to the kitchen, saw mom already up and making her cup of coffee, gulp down cereal drink, wash mug…

Me: Mom dunowhy the pants is getting a bit tight to wear…

Mom: Fat already lah. *selamba*

Me: *eyes popped out like that little fella*

Seriously, I can’t help but wonder the signs. Not signs of getting fat, no. Deeper than that. Like a mid 20’s life crisis or something. It can’t be, can it? I’m still yoooounggg… *in denial*

What’s my age again?


12 responses to “Fat.

  1. You’re young. I’m the old fart around here :(.

  2. Moz,
    oh dear Moz, don’t say that. young at heart, rmb? 😉 cliched yes, but it’s all in the mind. too bad it’s gonna take me a lifetime to learn the phrase.

  3. ur name _butt…its a trademark u got big butt so everyone can recognise u… 😛

    ah chat the dai si fatt


  4. Muahaha! Opposite of me, eh?

    Don’t think it’s any kind of sign la. It’s like that la. You put on weight then you lose it again. You maintain it for a while, then you put it on again.

    So, time to shred some “bak iu” off? Kakakaka!

  5. Fat??? YOU??? NO WAY, JOSE!!! Definitely, no way!

    *pat pat the eyes back*

  6. Oldman,
    ah chat the dai si fatt?? HAHAHAHAAAaaaaaaaaaa

    how come you know that ‘thieves’ have big butt geh? XD

    no kidding. if I keep on fall asleep every after dinner hor, for sure, one day, I’ll be fat.

    bak iu?? I assume that’s something of an eww? lol.

    hahah thanks for patting my eyes back in the socket! 😛

  7. Don’t worry butty. It happens to feel this way on and off. Trust me, I’m an expert in those kinda crisis! The good thing is the feeling you have… it goes away after a few days 🙂

  8. Bak Iu – fats in Hokkien. Hahaha!

  9. Could it be PMS???

    My skirt & pants feels tighter during my PMS. 😛

  10. Actually sometimes will be like that one.. For example last week I can wear that pants then today cannot.. maybe because of the water in our body..

  11. Young at heart; no worries!

    Anyway, that’s a tarsier, noh? Once my truckloads of assignments and theses is done maybe we can meet up and have coffee — what do you think?


  12. Angele,
    an expert! hehe… yeah, speaking of which, my jeans feels a bit ‘loose’ today lol thank God!

    Iuuuuuuu… 😛

    that would be… post-MS maybe (if there’s such a thing)?

    water retention? hmm… might explain it. pssst, I went to google it and whoaaa… so many causes! too much salt, PMS… thanks for the heads up

    Kyels, oh, would love to! 😉 been expecting us to meet up last time but somehow didn’t make it hmm…

    all the best in your completion and congrats to your due graduation soon ya 😀

    yep, cute-looking tarsier there hehe

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