I’ve got my eyes set on you.

Watch me.


12 responses to “I’ve got my eyes set on you.

  1. i was sooooo sked the eyes will pop out and chase after me!! 😛

  2. go join guiness world of records la beat the fella who had the eyes pop out XD

  3. Angeles,
    come back my Angeles! don’t run away! come back!! 😛

    haih. if I can beat him hor I wouldn’t be living in a tree la 😛

  4. Omg!!!! I usually think big eyes are kinda cute but I might change my opinion after this!!! LOL!

  5. Angele,
    gotcha! *grabs Angele’s arm*

  6. OMG! It’s gonna haunt me the next time THX credit pops out! *scared*

  7. Nefesco,
    ah, so you recognize the THX too?? hahaha… author says it’s Lemur in the video 😛 but thanks for clearing that up 😉

  8. Hmmm … 😛

  9. Kyels,
    hmm? 😛

  10. That creature is geli le.. hehe

  11. And I thought there is more…
    Still cute to me leh
    Though the eyes are like popping out
    Heh heh heh

  12. Keeyit,
    *chase* come here, Keeyit!! say me geli horr…

    whoaaa… you’re the first to say cute leh *impressed*

    more, you say? not sked of him/her chase after you just like Angeles ka? 😛

    oh btw, you’ve gone MIA! where’ve you been??

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