Still the same.

The long weekend had long gone. I’ve counted, one insufferable month before the next holiday due on the calendar. Grrrbleurhghhhhghhh… do you think April Fool would be an exception for a holiday?

Called up PY an old friend of mine to confirm on our brunch date and movie at Sunway last Thursday. YeahWensomuchfortakingleavebtw. Anyway, been a while since I last met up with PY. We were college mates back then, commuter companion and trader on senior crushes. Asked me how long had it been… I looked at her pretty face in sweet little innocence of her eyes and thought ‘hmm, wow, gosh…’ and I couldn’t remember. Guess it must’ve been some ages ago, with the emphasis on the ‘some’.

One thing I remembered though, is how we can’t seem to get enough smirk out of each other whenever we met. Sarcasm. PY lamented that she’s gained a bit on the weight lately (err probably hoping that I’ll counteract the statement with ‘no lah where got’?) that I said “Nope, still the same…” with a big fat grin plastered on my face.

I’m glad we’re still the same, PY. Really. You’ve no idea how people can change, and how many people in my life had.

PY said she’s glad too. She remarked that except for my bangs, everything stayed pretty much the same. The same old same. And while uttering that sentence she quietly slipped herself away on a safe walking distance from me…

Come back here, PY!!


7 responses to “Still the same.

  1. give it a few more years, babe 😉

    hey, change doesn’t necessarily mean bad mar… the only constant thing in our life is change! (who said that ah?)

    yeah, my colleague was just saying that there’s no public holiday in april.. but there are two in may! wheeeeee….

  2. Angeles,
    ah, guess that’s why I’m always the one left behind the race 😦

    I liked that quote too! ya hor, who said that? was it Paulo Coelho?

    holiday in May? I know I know! labour day and wesak! hehehe… done my homework 😛

  3. Well I duno if I should rejoice or panic over the fact that study leave is a mere 2 weeks away >.<

  4. Day-dreamer,
    time is ticking as we speak. go grab it girl! 😀

  5. ya.. use wordpress dy 🙂 hahahahah love your design 🙂

    hope you are well 🙂

    hug hug

  6. change is inevitable. though some make it without a dent, relationships ie. i like your blog and style. you’re one cool butt. heh. :p

  7. Netster,
    Hello there, friend! not flying off again soon? 😛

    well I’m using theirs actually hehe. all I did was the header and a little bit of this and that. not much I can do anyway. I’m all well, hope you’re feeling good too, it’s the weekend anyway 😉 hugs!

    it’s all up to fate, don’t you think? whether change will changed us literally or otherwise. I must thank you for the compliment. Butts are cool all right, especially when they’re in shape eh hahah

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