Work to live or live to work?

Short update on previous entry: God must have heard our prayers, mine and yours. Thank God, and thank you. We were relieved to receive news from gu-ma that grandma is in stable condition now, for the time being.

Conversation took place last Monday. I was minding my own business as usual when my phone rang.

Me: ‘ello Wen…

W: CY help!!

Me: Wut? Wut happened??

W: I’m soooooo sleeepyyy…

Me: (-_-“)

Me: *glance over at the time* Err… it’s almost 5 o’ clock already wor, still sleepy?

W: A lot of work to do laah… *grumbles*

Me: OT today?

W: No ah… oh, btw how was the outing with the girls last Saturday?

Me: *sigh* Tak jadi lah… too rushed.

W: I’ll be taking leave this Thursday. Can make it?

Me: Sorry? Thursday??

W: Yeah. Take leave lo. Then we hang out. Can ask PY along too…

Me: Hahahahaha…

W: Wut? Wut so funny??

Me: Why wana take leave on a public holiday??

And all I thought about is whether I should take a day off on Friday or not. Live to work? Clearly I’m not up for it. Not that I mind anyway.

What about you?


18 responses to “Work to live or live to work?

  1. Praise the Lord!

    Glad to know that grandma is feeling better!

  2. Jemima,

    not sure of the whole situation yet, but we’re just as glad to hear that grandma is doing ok for now. I hoped this stays.

  3. That’s good news 🙂

    I work to live… but if only I could travel to live… or be a tourist to live… (curi from winn’s idea heee)

    Wheeeee for Maulidur Rasul tomolo!!

  4. Angeles,

    travelinggg!! I don’t mind to be Justine Shapiro either (fav globe trekker host hehe). Winn also wana travel for a job hor 🙂

    jom holiday! 😀

  5. I’m happy to know yr grandma is in stable condition 🙂

    Take a leave on Friday!! 😀 Long w-end ^^

  6. Angele,


    long weekend! tempting! but i just might. had some legal stuffs to sort out… *sigh* still a holiday, though 😀

  7. Good to hear that good news! *gives you a big, relieved hug*

    Come to think of it, I would most likely ponteng tomorrow’s class and go somewhere to chill, if not for the fact that I have a midterm and a practical assessment tomorrow. >.<

  8. Day-dreamer,
    *warm hugs to DD mui mui*

    then don’t forget to celebrate kaw kaw after all that big load is off your shoulder oh 😀 ganbate ne!

  9. your fren is certainly working to live eh?

  10. Zewt,
    she is, or maybe I’m the one ignorant to what working life is like.

  11. omedato deshita! move in also din’ call it an open day ah? where’s my roti boy’s bakery? lol. muahaha..

  12. Whoaaaa…. you changed your blog from blogspot to wordpress! Cool…. I like it 🙂

    Dito with you… don’t think live to work.

    Btw, here in Indonesia, we got long weekend since Thu & Fri are holidays.

  13. i forgot to tell you that no real flowers to celebrate la but at least i found a live flower.. hehe.. enjoy ya! 🙂

  14. LD,
    no big deal lah 😛

    long time no see you! yep, just moved in hehe. long weekend, how nice! hope you have a good holiday there 🙂

  15. I work to live. 🙂 I think most of the people do right ?

  16. Keeyit,
    can’t tell it’s the same for workaholics 😉

  17. it’s all abot us taking control…

  18. Zewt,
    right. and that’s the problem, sadly.

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