Dream and grandma.

A few nights ago I dreamt of attending a funeral procession. I can’t be sure whose funeral it was, but I remembered myself trotting along a wide stretch of road with some of my family members who were partaking in the funeral rites, us marching right behind some undertaker guys carrying over their shoulders a fine polished casket, light brown in color. It looks as if we’re heading to the cemetery, but here is where things go absurd. Someone told me (can’t remember who exactly) that we’re on our way, walking, to the airport.

Even in the dream I could be just as surprised at the thought of it. I frowned at whoever that person was, hoping to hear an explanation, and then I woke up, puzzled by the dream I had. I wouldn’t call it a nightmare because it wasn’t, because the atmosphere of the dream was oddly serene and calm. It’s as if we’re expecting something as bad as death to happen, but we’re not mourning or weeping ourselves sad over the fact that someone died. I didn’t hear myself crying, nor everyone else around me did.

(I assumed nothing of it. But I made a big mistake in form of curiosity of a cat, by checking into the meaning under ‘procession’. And it means sorrow will come too soon. It didn’t make sense anyhow because of ‘airport’.)

Dad had pre-informed us to be mentally ready this week; me and LD might lose our dear grandma anytime soon. Grandma had been admitted to the hospital shortly after she was sent to a health care centre in treatment for stroke. Before then, some of the supposed ‘adults’ in the family had been pushing responsibilities to one and another on grandma’s medical expenses and such. How pathetic.

My gu-ma (aunt) will be heading back to Sitiawan tomorrow again to see how grandma is doing. She’d just came back yesterday from there after staying around the weekend in handling the procedures to get grandma settled down in the health care centre. I prayed that grandma will be at her comfortable best. I know that she might not get well soon, but I don’t want to let that dream come true either. Don’t let it be her.


7 responses to “Dream and grandma.

  1. Oh dear. Stay strong okay?

    And all the best to your grandma.

  2. *huggies*
    Hope grandma will be comfortable wherever she is…
    *more huggies*

  3. My prayers for your grandma & also your family.


  4. Stay strong, and hope she’ll be fine !

  5. Thank you for all your support. I don’t know if it would be right for me to hope that grandma will hold on… it would’ve been unfair on her part if she’s in great deal of pain… still, a part of me wished that I’ll never hear the phone ringing…

    Hugs everyone.

  6. When I was a child I had a dream about a funeral… In fact I remembered when I woke up that it was my grandfather’s funeral. But my grandpa was fine at that time and anyway I never mentioned that dream to my family ‘coz I thought it was not very appropriate.
    Years later when my grandpa passed away, I was standing there at the funeral and it was like a “deja vu”. It felt so weird :\

    I totally agree with your comment above and watever happens, be strong and have faith that God knows what he is doing.


  7. Angele,

    hmm… sometimes I wonder what deja vu is for, since we can’t undo things that is happening right in front of our eyes as we remember it?

    I had the same thing in mind, and I didn’t tell my family either (unless they’re reading this now)… shuddered to think of the possibility…

    hugs to you too.

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