Love and hurt.

She was stressed over her FYP, I had PMS (coupled with stifling weather in the afternoon). And when we spit verbal abuses off each other’s face, things get interesting.

As much as I love my family, I hurt them just as much. Though I looked reticent on the outside, I’m an inner rebel. Just ask my mom.

I wonder, does love and hurt coexist with each other? Like when there’s love, there’s hurt? Like you won’t be loved if you’re not hurt? So love means hurt?

Hmm. Pretty much explains it. Why I’m (still) single.


16 responses to “Love and hurt.

  1. Love is always mixed w/pain and as much as we’d like to be rid of pain when loving but it is not possible to have a flawless r/s b/c in life we face the harshest reality. It bites and bruises us. But anyway, there is no reason to why a person should give up on love or to be in a r/s when hope is still around.


  2. Anyone who has loved has also hurt and been hurt. It’s a sad fact. Love and hurt co-exist… *deep sigh*

  3. I think through the hurt you can see that you’re loved, and vice versa.

    *hugs* for you, sis.

  4. Congrats, new blog! 🙂

    u kecik-kecik cili padi… heeee…

    donch think so much, k? *hugs*

  5. Ooooo… I forgot to say how nice your new place is!!

  6. You’ve taken another step forward by starting a new blog. You’ll never forget the past. You’ll just become a better person. I did.


    Congrats on your new blog.

  7. Love must have some hurt ?

    No lah … it’s just called growing pains. Love is love, hurt is hurt. Sometimes they come at the same time, but try to separate them …

    Congrats on your new blog !!! =)

  8. ehhh…smts no fight no luv…more fight more luv…tighter the relationshit…

    i early early noe eh liao as those small size lizard r hot temper eh…hehe

    btw hapy new blog…

    *run from old blog to tis new blog to remind the debt* 😛

  9. Kyels,
    very true, Kyels. I guess it takes some amount of courage too to love. and some people *points to self* need a little more than that.



    things happen for a reason perhaps? 🙂

    hmm… provided it’s not hurt out of something not reciprocated, maybe?

    hugs for you! 🙂

    Thank U you! pleasure to have you guys around here again hehe

    I’m not so kecik anymore 😛 age is slowly catching up… *sigh*

    I will 🙂 hugs!

    yes it does… truly, madly, deeply?

    Thanks LB! really appreciate your support 🙂

    I did too. a clean slate, a better me. cheers to both of us!

    Thanks and hugs! 🙂

    yes, Moz bro, sau dou! *salute*

    TQTQ! 🙂

    waaa… more fight more love ah, I hope that doesn’t include physical fight i.e. ‘to hit is to love’ 😛

    wasehh… you can see through people hor?

    Thanks! aiyak, the debt! how??

  10. Butty turned Chewy!!! Welcome to WordPress, FINALLY!!!
    Seems like we are both into simplicity eh? LOL

    Yea, I have always wondered why love always come with hurt. Maybe Chewy chie chie can explain to mui mui?

  11. Yanczy,
    LOL! I’m still the same old _butt ler. oh yeah, simplicity! honestly I didn’t realized! but that was what keep ringing in my head 😛

    wah jie jie sumore ah, ngor keng ngor sau emm hei leh 😛

  12. Hmm. Pretty much explains it. Why I’m (still) single.

    Better wait for the RIGHT TIME like an elf than rushing into it like a warrior. Elf is more graceful btw 😉

  13. Legolim,
    time waits for no elf, haven’t Legolas told you that? 😉

  14. no, i didn’t 😛

  15. Legolas,
    all right kitty, come out of the suit already, you Legolas wannabe…

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