Make my day.

12th March was someone’s birthday. A long time friend of mine, Wen. She will be getting married soon, but back home and at work, things hasn’t changed much since, and despite being someone who had always been free spirited and optimistic (qualities of a typical Piscean I suspect), she told me that she was feeling really down lately.

So I decided to give her a little surprise. Thanks to them anyway hehe. Got a call from her at work and she was thank you-ing in between laughing out loud (some people tend to handle surprises this way, eh?) on the line that a few colleagues seated behind me must be wondering if I had the phone speaker turned on.

I hope she remembers this day. Berryls chocolate doesn’t come free with the flowers you know.

Later that evening, I had to stay back to finish a bit of work and was already running late to pick up LD from the station. It was raining darn heavy too but everyone in the office left anyway. After getting my work done and rush to submit the list back to my boss, she’d actually asked me something, seeing that I’m about to leave.

“Got umbrella?”

Of course you won’t know what it meant and how much it meant for me for her to say this. 7 months with this company come this Friday. And the first time she had ever utter a hint of concern, out of work-related matter. To me.

It simply made my day. I smiled (I think I did) and told her I have one with me, and stepped out of the office with light, bouncy steps. Well, not too much as the heels are already killing me.


4 responses to “Make my day.

  1. Heyyy, I love the new blog and the layout simply rocks! Welcome to wordpress buddy _butt 🙂

    Btw, I should add up yr new link in my blogroll!

    Sometimes just a nice lil word from your boss can brighten your day, eh? I know what you mean! 🙂

  2. Hi Angele,

    I love it here as well! looks like I’m gona settle down here just fine hehe 😀

    yes, please do! thanks! and sorry for the inconvenience ya

    sure brightens our day! and that feels good. 🙂

  3. Lucky I kam check on ma kong piang hawker, wah congrats new stall….so nice.

  4. Hi Kopi Soh,

    Thanks! new stall, same old kong piangs hehe. we miss you!

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