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I’ve got my eyes set on you.

Watch me.


Horton hears a Who & Gone Baby Gone + a movie grouch…

A hint that this entry is going to be a long one so it’s best to have yourself armed with a cuppa at hand, lest you fall asleep.

I hadn’t been to the cinema for quite a while now to be honest, that I’ve conveniently forgot about the unspoken rule of choosing the right seating in the theater upon purchasing our tickets at the booth. So, besides having ourselves kick back and relax, indulged in the whole cinematic experience of it all, I for one had to endure another kind of experience… learning to tune out the sound effects of an affectionate couple sitting next to me. Go figure.

On with the movies.

Horton who?Watched this with PY the big kid. Dr Seuss’s Horton hears a Who is surprisingly tasteful for my liking. A bit dry in the beginning with the whole Horton hoo-ha of suspecting what may be a community that lives on a speck of dust, which turned out to be true and off Horton goes on a noble rescue mission to save the err… speck. Horton’s an elephant btw (voiceover by Jim Carrey), and come to think of it, everything that goes in the Jungle of Nool doesn’t tally with common sense (supposed animated characters don’t have to make sense anyway) but if you’ve read the book, you know the rest of the story already yeah?

PY said this was as close to the original as it can get, laughable but no lame punch lines… worth a nod on that. Umm, confession. I never really read any of Dr Seuss’ books before *shame shame*, but this one made me teary-eyed towards the end of the movie. I’d try to hold it in but the scene was just all too touching at the right places! I’m moved by Dr Seuss’s intellectual behind it, you know, what it means for kids to acknowledged their value as an individual and one who inspires the other, all that lesson told without being too in-your-face. Good one in my opinion, second after Ratatouille. And PS: To all young girls out there… *sing song voice* Jesse McCartney is ‘in’ the movie too hehe~~ Too bad he’d only gets to sing and that’s all he ever does.

Rating: 3.5/5

Going going gone?Last Saturday, dragged LD along with me to watch Ben Affleck’s much anticipated Gone Baby Gone. The movie premiered in the U.S. late last year, and no doubt we owed our thanks to the censorship board for the delay. Read the book prior to the screening, so there wasn’t anything left for surprise other than wondering how it would’ve looked like in the script. Dennis Lehane’s Gone Baby Gone was Ben Affleck’s favourite book I’ve heard, made it as his directional debut along with his younger brother Casey Affleck who’d acted in his film.

And the movie was just so so and fell below average my expectation. I don’t know, probably because I have a problem picturing myself in the film than the book, never born and raised anywhere near the setting location in Boston, or nowhere in the U.S. as matter of fact. Some geographical conflict I must say. I need a solid grasp to feel what it was like to live in a washed out urban neighborhood where drugs and booze a likely favourite past time to the locals. But that’s the questioning point in the story I believed; where you’re coming from makes up the whole person you are in the society, but in ultimate sense, does it?

One thing is much the obvious. I thought they’ve downplayed most of the supporting casts involved, in what otherwise would’ve been as characteristically refined as what the book has to offer. Patrick Kenzie’s detective partner Angie Gennaro (Sandra Bullock look-a-like Michelle Monaghan) for example, is severely neglected. Perhaps the reason being is that this is Kenzie’s side of the story after all, much easier for us to just get down to business with Casey Affleck’s role as who else but Kenzie to take up the one-man detective job, figure out the missing child, sorting through his demons, the conflict he dealt with people around him who have it wrong for all the right reasons.

He gets the spot light all right, but his scruffy voice didn’t seem to cut it as an intelligible narrator for a start. Or could it be that that was deliberated from the very beginning of the script?

The climax was expected, provided the audience is attentive enough to capture the flow of the story, the plot of it. LD who didn’t read the book said the ending was just that, an ending. Monotonous all the way, so to speak. Not that the censorship helps, you get cut scenes every now and then whenever a particular word is uttered. Jackass seems to be an exception though.

Wise thing to do is, go either for the book or movie, never both. And if you asked me, I’ll have the paperback anytime, at least while I’m in Malaysia. No hard feelings to Ben Affleck. He’s a great actor/director/producer/whatever guy altogether but Dennis Lehane is more of my cup of tea. OK, so I’m just being biased all this while, aren’t I?

Rating: 2.5/5

Wut, such a cheong hei review but rating so little? Kenot meh? 😛


(offline 27th March, 2008)

I’m not mad at old junk. I’m mad to have admitted it to rehab in the first place.

I’m not mad at the technician fella to have lost all the lullabies I’ve downloaded, because I didn’t bother to do this thing called backup after all. And I’m certainly not mad at the boss for saying that old junk had only few months to live, given to its weary condition. I’m well aware of that. Think I don’t know old junk any better than the boss?

I’m not mad for being prissy about carrying the weight of that old junk myself, that I have to rely over someone else’s spare time to do the job. Two pair of hands is better than one I thought, or so I thought.

I’m not mad for having no Internet access for as long as the old junk would take to recuperate. It only bothers me, greatly, that we have no Internet access at home. With that, yes, I’m technically deprived.

I’m not mad at having to throw my pain-in-the-ass temper around home. You see, since I’m technically deprived, it only makes sense that part of my sanity goes missing without my Internet fix, that should my need be refused, an apparition in a form of Tasmanian Devil called Taz (brought to you by Looney Tunes) will appear and swept me off the bounds of my insecurity with its foul-breathed wrath. And when that happens, don’t talk to me as if nothing happened because I won’t remember how much you wanted to strangle the mule out of me at that point.

So please understand, I’m not mad.

I’m only tired and sick of having to justify my pathetic self when the devil gets the better off me, that’s all.

Now let’s get over it. Pretend that I’m drunk or something. And tomorrow we could talk and laugh as if whatever happened the day before didn’t matter.

Until the next time saying I’m not mad that is, OK?

Good weekend everyone.

Still the same.

The long weekend had long gone. I’ve counted, one insufferable month before the next holiday due on the calendar. Grrrbleurhghhhhghhh… do you think April Fool would be an exception for a holiday?

Called up PY an old friend of mine to confirm on our brunch date and movie at Sunway last Thursday. YeahWensomuchfortakingleavebtw. Anyway, been a while since I last met up with PY. We were college mates back then, commuter companion and trader on senior crushes. Asked me how long had it been… I looked at her pretty face in sweet little innocence of her eyes and thought ‘hmm, wow, gosh…’ and I couldn’t remember. Guess it must’ve been some ages ago, with the emphasis on the ‘some’.

One thing I remembered though, is how we can’t seem to get enough smirk out of each other whenever we met. Sarcasm. PY lamented that she’s gained a bit on the weight lately (err probably hoping that I’ll counteract the statement with ‘no lah where got’?) that I said “Nope, still the same…” with a big fat grin plastered on my face.

I’m glad we’re still the same, PY. Really. You’ve no idea how people can change, and how many people in my life had.

PY said she’s glad too. She remarked that except for my bangs, everything stayed pretty much the same. The same old same. And while uttering that sentence she quietly slipped herself away on a safe walking distance from me…

Come back here, PY!!

Work to live or live to work?

Short update on previous entry: God must have heard our prayers, mine and yours. Thank God, and thank you. We were relieved to receive news from gu-ma that grandma is in stable condition now, for the time being.

Conversation took place last Monday. I was minding my own business as usual when my phone rang.

Me: ‘ello Wen…

W: CY help!!

Me: Wut? Wut happened??

W: I’m soooooo sleeepyyy…

Me: (-_-“)

Me: *glance over at the time* Err… it’s almost 5 o’ clock already wor, still sleepy?

W: A lot of work to do laah… *grumbles*

Me: OT today?

W: No ah… oh, btw how was the outing with the girls last Saturday?

Me: *sigh* Tak jadi lah… too rushed.

W: I’ll be taking leave this Thursday. Can make it?

Me: Sorry? Thursday??

W: Yeah. Take leave lo. Then we hang out. Can ask PY along too…

Me: Hahahahaha…

W: Wut? Wut so funny??

Me: Why wana take leave on a public holiday??

And all I thought about is whether I should take a day off on Friday or not. Live to work? Clearly I’m not up for it. Not that I mind anyway.

What about you?